In longing, I explore the emotional distance between people by implying imaginary relationships between objects. 
These relationships are created through red string and diptychs. The meaning behind the red string comes from the Red Thread of Fate, also known as the Red String of Marriage in Chinese culture. According to the myth, an invisible red string connects two people who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances, similar to the Western concept of a soulmate. 
In my series, I use this symbolism to illustrate an ongoing desperation to connect with other people, romantically or platonically. Despite this longing, the red string never successfully connects, which is often the case in real life. I think everyone can relate to feeling misunderstood, craving love or intimacy, missing the opportunity to say something, awkward silences or uncomfortable small talk, being unable to communicate your true feelings, or holding in heavy emotions like sadness, anger, or pain.

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